Spy Shots of the Next VW GTI Mules Surface

It looks like the development work on the upcoming 2014-2015 VW Golf GTI and Golf R’s is progressing well as a pair of testing mules were spotted on the road over the weekend.  From what we can tell from the spy shots lived from Autoblog.com the GTI will maintains its dual exhaust tips while the R will upgrade to Quad pipes.

I would also full expect both car to maintain the 2.0-liter turbo 4 calendar engines with the GTI upgrading its horsepower to the level of the newly released GTI Edition 35, which of course is 235hp.  One could then also assume that the Golf R would get a 35 hp increase as well which would puts its output at around 300.  There has been no official word if the new GTI’s will be using the older EA113 version of the 2-liter turbo or the newer A3 based EA888 2-liter turbo.  However I have heard rumors that the newer engine is burning more oil than it should in production form and has been sent back to the drawing board.

I guess that is the fun of finding these spy shots is we can now speculate over the next 3 years as to what is fact and what is fiction.

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