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Should you take all teaser images with a grain of salt? Exhibit A – 2014 Toyota Avalon

We must be less than 2 weeks away from the New York Auto Show as to day we had our very first official pre show teaser release. Yes that right everyone we hope that you all had your bets in for which automaker was going to be the first to begin the long march of car teaser photos and videos as we begin our NYAS countdown.

Even we were surprised by which automaker was the ones who couldn’t wait until April 4th to revile their newest treasure. This year the award goes to Toyota as they teased the first glimpse of their all new 2014 Avalon. In classic teaser fashion not much is revealed, in the case of the Avalon all we truly see is that Toyota is serious about trying to inject some excitement into their brand.

2014 Toyota Avalon - NY Auto Show Teaser Image

Or are they as we have also located some spy photos taken of the 2014 Avalon and we were shocked when we attempted to line up the teaser image over top of the actual car silhouette from the spy photos. These images are weren’t taken last month or last year they were snapped yesterday the same day that the teaser drawing was released by Toyota. So we can imagine that the actual car will be that different from the Mule in the photographs seem below. We present them to you as exhibits A, B, and C. Is it just us or does the car in those photos look nothing like the drawing teased to us yesterday?

2014 Toyota Avalon - Spy Shots of the Front 3/4

2014 Toyota Avalon - Spy Shots of the Rear 3/4

2014 Toyota Avalon - Spy Shots of the Rear Quarter Panel

The moral of this story is that you can’t believe everything you see from a teaser image of as the only similarity between the teaser image and the spy shots are the badge on the trunk lid and the car name plate in the comments section below.

To see what the actual 2014 Toyota Avalon will look like we can offer you two schools of though. You can either live in the land of make believe and think that when the silk sheet is lifted off the Avalon at the 2012 New York Auto Show it will look like the teaser image. Or you can live in the land of super heroes and use your x-ray vision to peak back the protective camouflage on the spy shots to see what the car will actual look like. The choice is yours and yours alone, but we know we will be holding our breath until next Wednesday to see if were right or not.


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